McCaslin takes oath of office and will join state House of Representatives in Olympia next week



Newest member of the Washington State House Republican Caucus follows his late father's footsteps by serving 4th Legislative District in the state legislature

From 1980 until his resignation for health reasons in 2011, Spokane Valley residents joined with 4th Legislative District voters in sending Bob McCaslin to serve in the Washington State Senate.  This month, history repeats itself as the son of long-time Sen. Bob McCaslin was elected to the state House of Representatives.

Rep. Bob McCaslin, R-Spokane Valley, shares the same name as his late father and was sworn into office this evening in a ceremony at the Spokane Valley City Hall.

“My dad always said that being elected by the community – the friends, neighbors and small business owners we saw everyday – was one of the most honoring yet humbling experiences of his life,” said McCaslin. “I'm proud of his work representing the 4th District all those years.  I'm proud to be his son and I'm proud to carry on his legacy of service to the community.”

McCaslin was elected to replace another 4th District stalwart, former Rep. Larry Crouse who retired in the middle of his term in 2013.  Crouse was temporarily replaced by Leonard Christian who was appointed by Spokane County Commissioners and served in the state House of Representatives during the 2014 session.

Because of these events, McCaslin was eligible to be sworn in early and will be able to participate next week when the state House of Representatives convenes for committee week.

“I'm excited to get to work,” said McCaslin.  “I know I have a lot to learn and I'm looking forward to listening and absorbing as much information as I can.  With my background as an elementary school teacher I'd like to be involved in the education and education funding discussions.  I know McCleary is an issue the Legislature will have to deal with and I'm very supportive of past and current efforts to fund education first in our state budget. Not all spending priorities are created equal.  If it's truly the state's paramount duty, then we should treat it as such and fund it before other state programs.

“I'd also like to see more discussion and effort centered around increasing taxpayers rather than increasing taxes,” McCaslin continued.  “Our existing taxpayers are a limited revenue source.  So much of our economy has not rebounded from the recession and neither have our families' budgets.  Many are still unemployed or under employed.  We should look at increasing the number of taxpayers we have in our state through job creation and making Washington more attractive to employers rather than squeezing more money from our current taxpayers.”

When asked to quote one of his heroes McCaslin was quick to offer this quip from President Calvin Coolidge: “Ask much of nations and men and they will rise to the level of your demands.”

“I hope I can rise to meet the expectations of the citizens of the 4th District,” McCaslin said.  “My goal is to continually earn their trust through honesty, hard work and accountability.  These are the qualities that come to mind when I think about my community and they will be at the forefront of the decisions I make in Olympia on their behalf.”

McCaslin swearing in

PHOTO CAPTION: Rep. Bob McCaslin takes the oath of office administered by Spokane Superior Court Judge Sam Cozza while his wife Heather looks on.

McCaslin swearing in

PHOTO CAPTION: Rep. Bob McCaslin signs his oath of office at the Spokane Valley City Hall with Spokane County Superior Court Judge Sam Cozza.


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