House unanimously approves Rep. McCaslin’s bill to modify hunting and fishing license requirements

In a unanimous vote Wednesday, the House approved Rep. Bob McCaslin's bill to reduce the amount of time a person would be required to permanently reside in Washington state before obtaining a hunting or fishing license. The current requirement is 90 days. McCaslin's House Bill 2526 would reduce that to 30 days.

“The current 90-day requirement is unnecessary and burdensome,” said McCaslin, R-Spokane Valley. “This is a simple bill that would give our fishermen and hunters the same courtesy that's afforded to those who register to vote.”

Under Washington state law, individuals licensed to hunt or fish as a resident in another state or country, or receiving resident benefits of another state or country, do not qualify as state residents. A person must also establish intent to continue residing in the state before receiving a hunting or fishing license.

House Bill 2526 now moves to the Senate for further consideration.


Washington State House Republican Communications