McCaslin seeks to remove growth management barriers to school construction

Legislator: Rep. Bob McCaslin
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A Spokane Valley lawmaker says a statewide growth management law is standing in the way of smaller class sizes in Washington’s public schools. He’s introduced a bill that would clear the way for new school construction. John Sattgast reports from Olympia.

SATTGAST: Republican Representative Bob McCaslin is a school teacher who knows a thing or two about the importance of smaller class sizes. He says the growth management law has hamstrung construction projects in 28 school districts in Washington. That's because they would be built outside of designated urban growth areas.

The law says you can't do that. But McCaslin has introduced House Bill 1017 that would provide an exemption. . .

McCASLIN: “So the main emphasis of this bill is twofold. Number one – we need to build our schools where the students live – not be governed by an arbitrary urban growth area that more often than not has no bearing or correlation with what the school district boundaries are. And number two – we need to get the biggest bang for our buck when building new schools. The taxpayers need to know their hard-earned dollars are not being wasted because of a one-sized fits all approach to growth.”

SATTGAST: McCaslin testified Thursday before the House Environment Committee. If passed, the bill would allow schools and school facilities to be built in all land-use zones, including rural lands.

John Sattgast, Olympia.


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