McCaslin school siting bill headed to governor’s desk

A bill sponsored by Rep. Bob McCaslin to remove growth management barriers to school construction in rural areas is headed to the governor's desk. If signed into law, House Bill 1017 would authorize school districts to work with local officials to build schools and school facilities outside of designated urban growth areas.

“I'm grateful for the bipartisan work that has gone into developing a comprehensive solution that's in the best interest of students, teachers and our communities,” said McCaslin, R-Spokane Valley. “This bill would make a significant difference for overcrowded school districts across the state. No longer would they be burdened by a one-size-fits-all approach to growth that has limited development outside of urban growth areas. Instead, they could build schools where students actually live, which would open up employment opportunities for teachers and reduce class sizes. That's what I call a win-win.”

If signed into law, House Bill 1017 will take effect 90 days after the adjournment of the 2017 regular legislative session, scheduled for Sunday, April 23.


Washington State House Republican Communications